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KrazyFigz describes himself as a dynamic producer. His talent cannot be boxed into one general category. Kfigz is multifaceted, adding his special touch to a variety of genres including, but not limited to pop, R&B, gospel and hip hop. He specializes in vocal arranging, composing and artist development.

His producer credits include: Akon’s Troublemaker, Yayo by Snootie Wild ft. Yo Gotti, and Bleed the Same Blood by Busta Rhymes, to name a few. Kfigz also produced and co-wrote with Charnel Allen, Mindless Behavior’s Looking for Ya. And, he’s a driving force behind the girl group Volume IV.

Tim Kfigz Walls is a Clearwater, Florida native but will always call North Carolina his home. After moving to Charlotte in high school, Kfigz went on to become a pro sprinter at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. From there he became a runner for USA high performance teams. Kfigz says he allowed the momentum from his athletic background to spill into his music.

So why Charlotte? Why not. Kfigz says the Queen City is the prime market for groundbreaking talent. He calls it an “untapped market”. With over 45 of his songs airing on WPEG, Power 98 FM in Charlotte, the city is accustomed to his sound. Earning respect from local artists such as Mr. 704, King Carter, Young S-Dub aka III, Kfigz is the go-to guy for industry quality work. Kfigz remains the most sought after producer in the Queen City.

Willis “Big Red” Junior and Terrence Young are just a few names that come to mind as a part of Kfigz’s success. These days, he’s all about paying it forward by giving back especially as it pertains to young producers.

“Have a marketing plan and really focus on the craft. I promoted myself like I was an artist. Get out there. Get with artists who are serious. The more an artist markets, the more the producer is marketed. Invest in good equipment. Get you a studio and go from there. Always be willing to learn and be willing to listen. Work on your craft. Have a plan.”

Connect with Kfigz on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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